April 11, 2024

A whole new filter

The Hot Tub Wizard

This story starts more than 30 years ago when I was servicing and renovating pools at hotels in Southern California. We were installing high efficiency pumps, chemical automation systems and replacing diatomaceous earth filter with sand. Since it seams like everyone in California knows someone in the pool business, I was often told that switching to sand would make the water cloudy.

On paper the choice between these 2 filters is obvious. Diatomaceous filters can filter much finer particles but in reality, it is not your best option. It finally came down to guaranteeing the end result. Clean, clear and sparkling water. We delivered on our promise and never had to switch back. Our customers got amazing water quality and our service people had a much easier time maintaining the filters.

Now after a lot of experimenting,  we have a similar experience for hot tub owners. We were looking at small Zeolite® and glass media filters but found that to be less than ideal for customers. Then we tried various filter balls and did not get acceptable results. It wasn’t until we went to the pool show in Las Vegas that we found a light weight media that worked in our custom made filter canisters.

These filters could possibly be the last on you will ever need. Easy to clean, much more environmentally friendly. 60 day satisfaction guarantee!

Special thanks to Charlie Kirkwood at All Pacific Sales for his help providing guidance and a patented filter media that actually works.

This is my personal hot tub. When filling, our well pump lost power and when it started back up, it dumped a bunch of dirt. This is how good it cleaned up on its own within 24 hours. The filter has not been cleaned as of a week later.

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The Hot Tub Wizard

April 11, 2024


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