July 4, 2024

ACE® Cell Replacement Simplified NEW

The Hot Tub Wizard

In our quest to improve our customer’s experience, we have come up with a whole new way to change your ACE® cell without taking everything apart. This new Scepter Salt Cell® option makes changing your salt cell a breeze!

We have found some waterproof connectors that allow for changing ACE® cells at the filter compartment. These will be available exclusively at www.thehottubwizard.com

or www.acesaltcellreplacement.com


two-pin power cable connector close-up


Cable comes out like normal except for fitting that connects The Scepter Salt Cell®. It is recommended to have no more than 1″ space between fittings. Leave excess cable behind wall fitting so you can pull up and place on top side to replace cell. Quick change extension is 7′. and cell cable option is 18″

Two disconnected electrical cable connectors on white background.Electrical plugs connected with protective seal on white backgroundUV water purification system with cables on white background.

Put leads into terminal posts using a small standard or Phillips screwdriver to secure connection. Leave final nut loose until main barrel connector is snug, then tighten to keep water out. Push excess cable back into wall fitting and you are ready to go.

We’ll make a video of the procedure which makes this a quick 5 minute change.

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The Hot Tub Wizard

July 4, 2024


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